NELM organizes Startup Europe Week in Brazil

08 Março 2018/ E,M Informa/

Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski and Matias Advogados (NELM), in partnership with CO.W. Coworking Space, has organized the Startup Europe Week (SEW), which happened in Brazil for the first time. SEW is a movement that began in Europe, as an initiative from the European Commission, which has already reached more than 50 countries and 300 cities and is expanding to another parts of the world. The edition held in São Paulo took place last March 6th.

The event, which also featured live online broadcasting on Facebook (you can watch the full video in this link), has the purpose of present the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation to entrepreneurs and investors in startups.

Igor Tasic, CEO and founder of SEW, opened the event demonstrating the relevance for entrepreneurs of knowing the local ecosystem for the success of their startup projects and explained how SEW is expanding to other regions of the world. Among the speakers, were Eduardo Felipe Matias, partner in charge of NELM’s Corporate Area, and Rogério Russo, senior lawyer in NELM’s ​​Innovation and Startup area. Eduardo Matias, who coordinated the drafting of the guide "Enterprising Law: Legal Aspects of Startups", addressed the importance of knowing the legal environment for business and some golden rules for the success of startups. Rogério has spoken about the means of financing startups.

Felipe Maruyama, Technical Director of Support for Innovative Entrepreneurship and Technology of the Municipality of São Paulo, presented the São Paulo’s ecosystem of innovation and local measures to encourage innovative entrepreneurship. Important players in this ecosystem contributed to the event with their testimony, such as Renato Magnanini Auriemo (founder and CEO of CO.W.Coworking Space), who spoke about the innovative environments and actors of the Brazilian innovation ecosystem, Marco Gorini (founding partner of Dynamo Ventures S/A), who presented the ecosystem of the Brazilian Social Impact Business, and Vítor Andrade (Head of Startup Ecosystem at Oracle), who spoke about Corporate Ventures as an incentive model for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The debates were mediated by journalist Sandra Boccia, Editorial Director of the magazine Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios, as well as of Época Negócios, who opened space for questions from the attendant entrepreneurs and investors.

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